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West Nyack Emergency Dentist

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Treating an Avulsed Tooth in West Nyack

What exactly is an avulsed tooth and how is it addressed here at Apex Endodontics? It’s an urgent matter in which your tooth is knocked loose of its socket. And our West Nyack emergency dentist is the one to turn to for help.

An accident, injury, or physical altercation are the typical reasons why you get an avulsed tooth, and it’s nearly always something that you could not possibly anticipate. If the tooth is loose but is still physically attached, it is called dislodged. But an avulsed tooth is an even greater concern. When your tooth is no longer in your mouth, it loses the essential moisture that it needs to remain viable. Therefore, you should get the tooth into a container of milk or in some warm water with a pinch of salt as quickly as you can. Also, call our office or have someone else do so for you. We can make sure that our West Nyack emergency dentist is prepared for your arrival, and also offer any potential tips and advice that may improve the odds of successfully treating your avulsed teeth. And though you might be tempted to go directly to the hospital, it’s important to know that few of them have any dental equipment at all, nor even a dentist on staff. Our office, on the other hand, has everything necessary for our West Nyack emergency dentist to successfully treat you. In most cases, you will need root canal therapy to deal with the pulp damage that typically accompanies an avulsed tooth. Not all cases will end with the tooth being saved, but the more quickly you seek our care, the better the chances are.

We urge you to keep our phone number programmed in your home, work, and mobile phones. When a dental emergency arises, you don’t want to have to waste any time.

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