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Treating a cracked tooth in New City

A little crack in a tooth can lead to much greater tooth pain, not just in terms of toothaches but also in the eventual loss of the tooth. Cracked teeth should be evaluated immediately for signs of infection to the pulp or root. Cracked teeth treatment by our New City endodontist at Apex Endodontics begins with a complete dental examination to diagnose your problem and discuss treatment options with you. Our practice is concerned not only with your treatment but also about informing you about all aspects of your problem and treatment options, as well as executing that treatment in a compassionate, anxiety-free manner.

Cracked teeth can occur as a result of an injury, infection or a general weakness in the tooth structure. According to our New City endodontist, symptoms often include pain when chewing, a release of biting pressure, or sensitivity to hot or cold. There are actually several types of tooth cracks depending on location and severity. Chewing may cause the movement of the cracked pieces in your tooth and the inner pulp may become irritated. The pulp will eventually become damaged and the pain will worsen. The pulp tissue may become infected. Cracked teeth treatment often includes endodontic treatments, such as a root canal. This treatment is needed when the tooth’s nerve is infected or inflamed. Our doctor will remove the injured pulp of the tooth and then clean the root system and seal it. This will remove all the patient’s symptoms in 90 percent of cases. A crown is then put over the cracked tooth to prevent further damage. Our practice uses local anesthetics to numb your mouth so the procedure is painless. Our staff will make you as comfortable as possible during the procedure and help you feel relaxed.

If this simple cracked teeth treatment does not work well for the patient, then our practice can utilize a number of other endodontic treatments, such as endodontic retreatment and apicoectomy, which is a surgical procedure that removes the infection from the root tip and surrounding area. Whichever procedure is used the goal is to relieve our patient’s pain and other symptoms and to be able to stop further damage to the tooth and bone structure. We strive to give each patient a viable tooth that is devoid of discomfort when he chews. If you feel pain or discomfort when you chew make an appointment to have our New City endodontist diagnose the problem and find a pain-free solution.

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