Endodontist in Cresskill

Endodontist in Cresskill

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Why See an Endodontist in Cresskill?

At Apex Endodontics, our endodontist in Cresskill performs endodontic treatments for patients who need them. There are different reasons why someone may need an antibiotic procedure. An endodontic treatment is used to treat the tooth when the pulp inside has become inflamed and infected. Sometimes repeated dental procedures on the tooth can also cause a need for a root canal. It can become inflamed and lead to an abscess later if it is not handled properly.

Our endodontist in Cresskill removes the inflamed pulp and will clean the inside of the tooth and then cap it off with a crown to protect it. It is this type of restoration that will save the tooth so that it can still function just like every other tooth. Inflammation inside the tooth can be painful. The actual procedure itself is not painful but the infection or inflammation leading up to it can be. Patients may feel pain after the procedure for a little while and soreness. Typically a root canal therapy is completed in one to two visits, but it depends on the complexity of each individual case. It is ideal to save the tooth rather than extract it. Extracted teeth may cause other teeth to shift out of position.

We use many different types of anesthetics and novocaine like injections to help you feel comfortable during your appointments. We also prescribe nitrous oxide, which is laughing gas, to help ease the discomfort of having a dental procedure. These help to calm patients who are nervous about coming to see our endodontist in Cresskill. If you have an emergency or need to see a dentist, call us today so that we can get you in as soon as possible. We take walk-ins as well as other patients who need immediate treatment.

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