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Root Canal Therapy in West Nyack

Endodontics West Nyack
Endodontics West Nyack

Root canal therapy is an essential treatment method. It’s non-surgical and is typically the last chance to save a tooth whose pulp has become damaged or infected. And as performed by your specialist here at Apex Endodontics, there is every reason to feel confident, not only in the success of the treatment, but in your comfort as it’s being performed. Most of our patients report very little to no pain at all.

The process of root canal is simple. You are numbed first using local anesthesia. Then the goal is for our endodontics West Nyack to obtain access to the base of the tooth. Inside is the damaged pulp and nerve. Both are removed. Some teeth have a single canal, while others have more than one. The canals are cleaned and disinfected, before being sealed. This is done to prevent further infection later. Sometimes, more than one session is needed to complete the procedure. This is generally the case for teeth with multiple canals. A temporary crown is fitted to you so that the tooth is not susceptible to additional infection between visits. After the tooth has healed completely, you will then get a permanent crown made, which restores the tooth to full size and function. Our endodontics West Nyack can assure you that 90% or more of root canal therapy treatments are successful, so there’s every reason to be confident in the outcome. And a tooth that has had root canal is just as strong and durable as any other tooth. You’ll be able to chew your food without any problem.

So if your general dentist has referred you to us, or you are concerned because of tooth pain, you can count on our endodontics West Nyack for the expert, gentle care that you want and need. Contact us right away to get a prompt appointment.

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