Dental office in West Nyack

Dental Office in West Nyack

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If you have a tooth that is infected or has serious decay you may need more than just a simple filling to ensure that the tooth will continue to have a long functional life. Sometimes deep cavities or a large crack or chip may necessitate a root canal treatment from our dental office in West Nyack at Apex Endodontics. Our doctor and entire staff will do its best to provide you with a stress-free and pain-free experience, while restoring the affected tooth to health and normal functioning.

An endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as a root canal, is needed when the nerve is infected or riddled with decay and the result is often pain, possible abscess and even loss of the tooth. A root canal from our dental office in West Nyack will rid the tooth of the affected roots, taking with them the decay, bacteria and infection. This will help restore and preserve the tooth’s functionality. A tooth’s roots are filled with a soft material called pulp. The pulp is encased by a harder layer of dentin, which is protected above the gum line by the tooth’s enamel and below it by a substance known as cementum. When decay or a crack exposes the pulp it can become infected. During a root canal our doctor will open the tooth and use special miniature tools to completely remove the pulp. Once removed the roots are filled with a rubber-type of material that is sealed in place to prevent re-infection. A crown is then placed on top of the tooth by your own dentist to further protect the tooth and provide a new chewing surface.

Root canals in our dental office in West Nyack are done under a local anesthetic that completely numbs the area and most the patient should only feel a slight pressure but no pain. It is extremely important that after an endodontic procedure you continue to practice good oral hygiene with frequent brushing and flossing to protect the restored tooth from bacteria and decay. If you have tooth pain or suspect that there is decay present please call our office
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